Do Not Miss The Rainbow

Poem By Darrell A. Roberts

Do not Miss the Rainbow

We live in a world where we all connect.
Open your eyes, Do not miss the Rainbow.
Colors intertwined all having effect,
On all humanity, in God's Great show.

Don't fight, I am Dark while others are white,
But we should all love, all shades in between,
Do not let the colors cause you to spite,
Let us go live in Dr. King's great dream.

Where the color of the skin matters not,
The goodness of hearts is what truly does,
The Rainbow will make racism soon stop.
This is the way we may all live in peace.

Please do not miss the radiant Rainbow,
It comes out when the sun begins to shine,
Through the clouds left from the rains special show,
The Rainbow is a gift from The Divine.

Comments about Do Not Miss The Rainbow

it was a nice poem. it had a double meaning as others would see. lovely thoughts penned. keep writing. i like your ink.

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