Travel Haiku - Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe
the mountains and water
take our love oath

lake tahoe
to the mountains and lake
our swirling love oath

lake tahoe
to the mountains and water
we scream our love

lake tahoe
he says he is the mountain
and she the water

lake tahoe
she tells him
still water runs deep

john tiong chunghoo

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (6)

hahahahhahaa...I love this poem.....humorous..... :) deserves a 10++++++
and i would like to have a cup(le) of women and think of tea.
correction: a poem entitled I SEREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM, FOR ICE CREAM. no, you don't. liar, liar, pants on fire! ! bri :)
PLONKER? ? well, which am i? ? Noun. plonker (plural plonkers) (Britain, slang, mildly pejorative) A fool. (Britain, slang) A penis. (Britain, slang, dated) A man who sanctions sexual relationships between his girlfriend and his male friends. GUESS WHAT! i am all three: a foolish penis who sanctions sex (rejoices in it actually) between (and /or among) my girlfriend and my male friends. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it. to MyPoemList. bri :) or did you mean to type PLUMBER? and............i just looked at comments and your responses. do you REALLY have a poem entitled SEREAM? ? ? ?
I did not want to read it but could not do so. Very interesting and smiling write. Thanks
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