Do Not Stay

At times, I too
Find myself
After a drink or two
Surrounded by them
Killing words
Just by saying them.

They speak of love
And feel wise
To be above it.
How I despise
That mocking look
Into their eyes.

Lazy heart
Too tired to speak
Now you just listen
As they speak
Of you and stare.

And now they dare
To define passion
“Lust, destruction,
consuming attraction”
Philosophy is in fashion!

I mix my drinks
Laugh and yell
Another daemon
In this hell.
You could not tell…

How I keep running
Though standing here
And in my place
All this is a swarm
Of bugs on a tree.

Taking me home
My last thoughts
Are long gone
Now when I sigh
I just feel numb...

Hungover morning
All left behind
Over black coffee
I try to find
Where was that place?
Gone with the rest...

And everytime
must pass through hell
to get to you
Just so you're lost
once again!
It never ends...

Do not stay.
Hell misses me, when I'm away!

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