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Do Not Tell Me Of Your Sorrows

Do not tell me of your sorrows I've had sorrows of my own
And there are many others who more grief than us have known
And they do not tell the World of their sorrows at their loss
They just get on with living life and bear their heavy cross.

In war ravaged Cities of the World people die in bombings every day
To be in the wrong place at the wrong time with their lives they had to pay
We do not wish to hear of their stories from us they live far away
With nowhere for them to run to in their war zones they must stay.

When you first told me of your sob story with you I did sympathize
But your loss due to natural causes that you ought to realize
And though that was many months ago you still keep reminding me
Of your heartache at your great loss whom death came to naturally.

Pull yourself together fellow and free yourself of the past
Life it goes on all around you nothing does forever last
From the pain of the illness that she suffered death to her was a release
She has returned to Mother Nature leave the good woman rest in peace.

When you laugh the World laughs with you and when you weep you weep alone
And to you I offered my condolences since my heart is not of stone
But you keep seeking my pity when you tell me of the cross you bear
Though many live with greater sorrows than you in the bigger World out there.

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