Do Not Tell Me

Do not tell me who to love,
dont you even dare,
dont perceive to know my heart,
dont pretend to care,
my heart was yours and yours alone
my dreams were all for you
dreams broken in anothers arms,
why couldn't you stay true? ,

Was it really such a thrill,
to cheat and sore decieve,
And yet you said you loved me still,
You thought i'd still believe?
So do not try to interfere,
dont say, she's not the one,
Your lies i never wish to hear,
your lies, this damage, done.

Do not try to take my hand,
I couldn't bear your touch,
Or try to take me in your arms,
which I once loved so much.
Do not look at me that way,
the way you used to do,
It only proves unto my soul,
The one I love, , ...Is you.

by Laurie hill

Comments (9)

This is a touching story, my friend, very natural and written straight from the heart. It's a sad romance but very well penned as always.: -)
This beautifully written poem simply flows and unfolds a beautiful love story, that is in the winds of change. As usual, you entrance me with your words. 10 Karin Anderson
I love your poems, this one is brilliant
Bittersweet farewell. I agree with Cindy, its a powerful poem about the pain and drama of breaking up. Thank you for sharing :)
Very well written this Laurie - has all the pain and drama, a story of a breakup absolutely powerful with grim determination. Very sad though....
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