Do Not Weep

Poem By Terry Biscamp

Dry the tears from your eyes,
Do not weep no more.
Something good is on its way,
Many new things to explore.
Each day is a fresh beginning..
That awaits us all.
Be thankful God is there to pick us up,
If we should stumble and fall.
We should not wish for more than what we have,
God knows our every need..
We must have hope and faith,
If in this life we want to succeed.
Do not weep, don't despair.
When you hear loneliness call.
Remember someone out there is thinking of you,
So dry the tears that fall.

Comments about Do Not Weep

I appreciate the spirit this poem was written in, but I must say I do disagree with: 'We should not wish for more than what we have'. I also find it contradictory with these lines: 'We must have hope and faith, /If in this life we want to succeed.' I do appreciate your effort.

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