Do Or Don'T, It's In Our Hands

An atom million years of age,
Is silent at the dormant stage,
Once at the active split stage,
It helps to generate electricity,
Or destroys, no time, a big city.

A volcano, so long it’s silent,
Doesn’t become so violent,
Once it starts its action able,
It gives chemical lava useable,
Or destroys lands cultivable.

A dark cloud in the sky,
Moves and passes away,
Once accumulated on its way,
It supplies potable water,
Or floods a city under water.

A stick of a matchbox inside,
Isn’t active unless taken outside
Once rubbed against any one side,
Its fire lights a candle brightly,
Or burns down a huge factory.

A highly intelligent person,
All the time, do quietly remain,
Once an opportunity is given,
He becomes the star of a nation,
Or turns a criminal in perversion.

Many such “do” or “don’t, ”
In this world of ours exist,
In our hands, lies something,
To make best use of a thing,
Or misuse the same thing.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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