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Do Pets Go To Heaven?
PPH (1996-1920 / )

Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

Am I going to be reunited
with all my old pets in heaven?
I sure hope not.

I know you’re probably surprised to hear that.
But the last thing I want to do
is take care of that damn rabbit again.

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Comments (5)

This is very funny......(no suprise there!) I hope they go to heaven! But, I would like to choose which pets are there with us.........we've had alot of pets throughout our lives! Entertaining as always. Sincerely, Mary
i don't think anybody ever looked at the Afterlife like this. a funny little deep thought. Jake
My dear Prof-Didn't you know? Pets have there own private heaven where they can hop and lope and bound about freely like bunnies with wings. And they are very well tended by petsitters who are on retainer or week-long furlows from purgatory. Besides, you're probably the last thing that damn rabbit wants to be with, too! Phillip
A round of polite golf applause...made me smile. Good show Prof. Aaron
I know what you mean Prof. They are so noisy. I got so tired of hearing that damned nose. lol