Do Think I Cared? ? ?

It wasnt the way you kissed me, that made me feel so right
It wasnt the way you loved me or when i thought about you at night.
It wasnt the way i felt about you or the way you made me smile
Its not like i thought about you, just every once in a while.
You were on my mind even if my thoughts were good or bad
I always wanted to know, if i ever made you sad.
There's things about me you didnt know, mostly how i felt
When i was around you, my heart melt.
But then i realized why i was always down
It was the way you played me, when i was not around.
My heart is broken all because of you
And everytime i think of it, there was nothing i could do.
I thought that i could make it right, but it never seemed to fit
I think i kinda miss you, maybe just a little bit.
All this time i loved you so
So much love we had but it didnt grow.
Maybe if we really wanted to, we could have made it last
but now are time is over, and the past is the past.

by Samantha Green

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Hi Samantha, You like me have tasted the cruel side of love. The poem expresses it beautifully. Kind Regards. x