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Do U Remember...
PA Prankul Agarwal ( / )

Do U Remember...

Do u remember...

Do u remember,
those stormy nights,
when it raining outside,
and flashing loudly,
u got afraid,
i would hide u,
in my arms,
hold u tightly,
stay for a while,
then u look up,
into my eyes,
eyes saying,
hold ur smile,
your shyness,

Do u remember,
home of our dream,
in a jungle,
far away,
no power,
a candle night dinner,
only one chair,
one plate,
one spoon,
one soul,
a bed,
one love.

Do u remember,
i loved u,
more than anything,
u were the treasure,
the thing,
i cared for,
the thing,
i breathe for,
i am here for u.

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