Do We Live The Life Of A Poet?

What's life? My life, your life, our lives? ... Which the real meaning of living? Is there any meaning in life? Or, as some people say, we give meaning to the life? Which is the meaning of a poet's life? Is it the poet's life different to the life of the engineer of computer? It is possible! We think an engineer of computer cannot feel as a poet can! But there are engineers whom are poets! So these men despite their profession, something cerebral only, they feel emotional sweetness as the poets do! And they give a marvelous meaning to their lives! So it seems that there is no difference between a technical professional and a verse maker! It seems that the muses are upon the heads of all those whom are sensitive! What's life? My life, your life, our lives? ... Life seems to be what we make of it, more clear or more obscure, despite all technological advance, when we keep our hearts sensitives, human hearts then, open to the muses' vibration! Wow! ! !

by Adilson Pinto

Comments (2)

Poet is not a title for title, it could just be a state of heart that revealing all in and out, to talk beyond 6 senses can do... Life is an art, engineers, doctors, teachers, farmers, scientist, whoever they are.... They observed and live a life that opened their eyes differently, and those experiences are source of ink for their heart to talk... Because poet dont talk other than any subject but must related at least one view about life..... N life is vast. Nice wording and thoughts my dear, I just only try to share my opinion about it.
So true. When I read poems at random on Ph site I am always amazed by the variety of professions the poets describe of the themselves. Thanks for sharing.