(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Do Write It Down

Those tiny moths
that are
in their dimension
just thoughts.....
and when they
come searching
for you
do write it down.

When rhythm and words,
seek company
to bring a melody
into your heart,
do write it down.

Are you in trouble,
or so filled
with joy,
you cannot utter
a single word?
Do write it down.

Prone, on the ground
and looking up
to catch
the final smile
of her,
before she goes,
will you remember?
Do write it down.

Embarrassed by
those pesky
and times of weakness
and despair.
And those of bliss.
Do write it down.

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Comments (5)

I do enjoy your work Herbert.....there are times where I wuestion BUT I still do it creatively. I enjoyed this and as Mary said I'm glad you write it down!
Thank you Mary and Uriah. Always appreciate your presence and your input. I notice that Matthew has quickly removed his comments, probably afraid he will get his bottom spanked by Collette again. Or? H
H, I really enjoy this poem, a positive encouragement for poets to write. May we all listen.
Very nice one Herbert. Also, great advice. Many people are glad you 'do write it down'. Sincerely, Mary
Matthew, I am not claiming to be a professional poet. I write for my enjoyment and for that of others. So, I probably do not need to be critiqued on whatever I post. If you want to get an idea of my work do what respected critics like Kelly Vinal and Rich Hanson have done: Read all my poems. If you then do not find anything good to say I will listen. H