Do You?

Have you ever taken time out and thought about the life you're living?
Were you ever generous in your giving?
Do you do good works to be noticed by man or are you doing it for Jesus and thinking of the Promise Land?
Do you go to church to hear the Word or are you one of those gossiping birds?
Do you know how to worship the Lord?
Do you carry His powerful sword?
Are you deceitful and full of the Devil's lies?
If you're wrong, are you bold enough to apologize?
Do you love with a genuine heart or do you enjoy tearing people apart?
Do you read the Bible, do you pray or are you fooled to let the Devil have his wicked way?
Do you go to churches with religion or those that teach the Word and have a Godly Vision.
Are you a real Christian or a sinner.
Do you know how to confess and be a winner.
My God is merciful you see.
The time is now for you to be free.
Search yourself because the time is now
Do you wish to be caught up or are you going to be bound.

by Jacqueline Galloway

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