AR (12/21/95 / Mesa, AZ)

Lend In Trouble

'What am I'?
Person can not observe through an eye
It speaks of an open arrogance
Life is a given chance

No one thinks before fingers are burnt
Not without losses, anything can be learnt
Turning from foes to friend
The life shows beautiful trend

From friends to foe
The thought must altogether go
From mind and heart into vacuum
And shall be allowed no resume

'To remain contended' is best weapon
Person with single hand can win
Any battle that is thrust upon
As life moves and goes on

It is good to convince self
If not then it shall be like treasure lying unused at sea shelf
It is honor and pride to claim simple
But to show 'what I am' may lend in trouble

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Comments (4)

the way you present the poem is very excellent... but for me I believe in God because of the experiences that I had in my life - experiences that will make me too foolish to explain everything except if God is present... anyway, nice write again!
this is an awseome poem i like it i do believe in god but i dont go to church. i must say you are good i also have a friend she likes to wriste songs in english and math class
nice! ^_^ simply extraordinary! -GanNi
Nice theme...I have written one similar 'Humanitarianism'