Do You Care At All (Mom)

Poem By Scarred Unknown

day and night i can see you there
light it up and breath it in.
take it in for its your life
it controls you
beleive it or not
i know it does because

you don't care
no matter how much you make me cry
no matter how much you have to lie
no matter how much pain it causes
you don't care

to most it means nothing
just a simple regret
smoke it up
you can quit anytime
but you can't
and if you could I doubt you would

sometimes it makes me wonder
do you care about me at all
does it matter how much pain you cause
does it matter that it makes me cry
does it matter that its your fault

Comments about Do You Care At All (Mom)

If that is the worse problem you have with you mom you are a very lucky girl
Nice poem I really like it. I know how that can mom and I now are trying to fix things between us..Great writing keep up the good work.
Good for you, U.S. I was also this kind of son is 23 now and he finally has said these things to me. It helps. We're healing our relationship a little every day. Tell anyone who will listen to you...and keep writing. I know how it can save a life. Hugs.

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