Do You Ever Think Fondly Of Me?

Poem By Danny Speicher

Do you wake in the middle of the night
Crying, uncontrollably, desperately?
Do you cry like I cry within the night?
Oh, do you ever think fondly of me?

Do you hope, at times, this wasn't really true
Begging God for one more chance at this love?
Do you pray like I pray it wasn't true?
Oh, do you ever think fondly of me?

Do you ever dream dreams of days gone by
Of past memories shared, while your heart breaks?
Does your heart break like mine for days gone by?
Oh, do you ever think fondly of me?

Do you ever think what dreams may have come
Had we made it past this last obstacle?
Do you ever think like I think... dreams to come?
Oh, do you ever think fondly of me?

Do you ever think fondly of me, dear?
Wondering what I'm doing now and then?
Do your thoughts hangup and cause your eyes tears
When you sit and think and ponder on when

Once upon a winter's evening, so cold
We sat cuddled in each other's embrace
Do you ever think of that evening, so cold?
Oh, do you ever think fondly of me?

Comments about Do You Ever Think Fondly Of Me?

This lovely poem goes into the list of my favourite poems now. Such a passion and longing for the beloved never ever seen before. But, the reassurance you seek makes it a broken affair. Thanks.
All about Thought weaving, spinning, spiraling and dreaming killing the time
Poetry allows us to open our hearts on paper, a great example Danny
very good love. really a natural flow. I like it.
very heart touching. and hits home so much.

4,6 out of 5
8 total ratings

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