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Do You Feel Nostalgic

Do you feel nostalgic when life has you down
And you think of old friends in your distant hometown
And the people you love that you've not seen for years
Do such memories always have you close to tears

In this you are not alone many migrants this way
They do think of the old homeland every day
With people of their nationality they mostly socialize
And talking of the past to nostalgia gives rise

Louis in his late seventies loves to sing and dance
And with a few beers in he does talk of France
And of old friends in his first hometown by Brittany's shore
Ten thousand miles north of this Country or more

His beloved wife Linda a year ago died
The grief that enveloped him at her passing from others he could not hide
From the World of the living his best friend and soulmate has gone
But he too realizes that life must go on

In the minds of most migrants a Louis you will find
Who too often do think of a life they have left behind
And old friends and relations they may not see again
The past may be gone but the good memories of it remain

Like Louis of France does your thoughts often stray
To when you were younger in a town far away
And the friends you played with as a young girl or boy?
Such memories though nostalgic are yours to enjoy.

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