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Do You Feel That Life Is Your Great Battle

Do you feel that life is your great battle as you struggle on from day to day
That lady luck she is against you that from you she looks the other way
In that you are not unusual since your type of person is not rare
There are millions and millions of people doing it hard in the big World out there
Yes life for many is a great battle there are haves and have nots in every Village and City and Town
From being one of life's many battlers 'tis a long way to wealth and renown
Yet your problems are your own problems others cannot live in your shoes
The World's not a fair World to live in when for one to win many must lose
For a thousand to grow wealthy and prosperous thousands by the wayside must fall
A World where millions are slowly dying of hunger is not a fair World after all
In every big Town a poor suburb where homeless people live on the street
They search rubbish bins for thrown out food that others refuse for to eat
You feel that life is your great battle and that your better days are long gone
And only your great lust for living is what helps you to keep on keeping on.

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