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Do You Feel That You Are Quite Powerless

Do you feel that you are quite powerless for I often do feel that way
Your opinions not seen as important few pay heed when you have your say
Perhaps for you that's not a bad thing look at the state of the World we live in
Where the greatest spreaders of paranoia the most admirers do seem to win
George W Bush can retire on his fat pension with Laura his devoted wife
The man who won many admirers but who has destroyed many a life
He has followed his staunchest allies John Howard and Tony Blair into retirement and many too their praises do sing
They have started wars where a million have died and thousands of horrific injuries have suffered can one say that this is a good thing?
So why worry if your words do not hold weight if what you say to nothing does amount
Feel happy you are not like Bush and his allies their war dead too many to count
They enjoy life on their huge pensions but for their time what have they to show
Save they have caused so many to suffer and the numbers of their war dead does grow
Like mine your words may not hold much weight but for as long as to the spirit of the fair go you are true
Then you are an honourable person and credit in heaps you are due.

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