Do You Have Hopes And Plans And Dreams

No, I made no application
I have only just arrived.

But you are - happy here?

Yes, I’m happy but surprised.
We heard mention of abortion
and other threats besides.

You say we, not I, does that imply
I should fetch another form?

There’s only me, my twin did not survive
- will that create problems as I go?

Well, I’m sure I wouldn’t know
so let’s just move along.
What skills, if any, do you have?

I can learn as fast as lightening but
I had hoped there would be
someone here to meet me.

So what will become of you?
Do you have hopes and plans and dreams?
What’s your favourite colour, and
who’s your favourite film star?

Do you know what you would like to be?
Oh yes, I‘d like a job like yours so I can
welcome new people into the world

and besides my brother might come by

by Sean Joyce

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