MS (1968 / Georgia)

You Are The Centre

There is no boundary, no circle
For there is nowhere a centre,
But you are there somewhere
In an expansion
Having neither a beginning
Nor even an end

You are there as a centre
And that is why
There are innumerable centres
And innumerable circles
Overlapping and intersecting
each other

In each centre there is a star
Big or small of different colour
Emanating light of beauty
And the existence of void
Is thus proved.

Nothing is negligible here
Even a subparticle of an atom
Death has no authority upon you
It's just a tool
To help you to renew.

You are the finest of an art
so far created
But have not seen your beauty yet
You still move in a circle
A life partial and peripheral
The centre is yet to be discovered.

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Insightful soliloquy, meaningful and thought provoking too. Thanks for sharing.