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Do You Imagine The Weight Of Silence That Stays There?

then you learn
of course, you know
you know it.

it is it.
there is nothing human
about all those

a heart made of stone.
wooden eyes.
feelings of scattering
from sky to

there is a pain without
a mouth.
muted by time itself.

there is a room with
only one person
no one is praying
not that lonely creature
in there.

the soul is always an
island very far away from
the port.
there is no shadow of a

on a table are two
cups of coffee.
no one dares drinking
it on these cold days.

outside the rain pours
it is late, and everyone
is leaving.

and then you too.
the owner of the cafe
closes the
door, locks it.

do you imagine the
weight of silence
that stays there?


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A very perceptive write, nicely crafted. It captured beautifully the unimaginable weight of silence.10