Do You Know.....

Do you know the feeling...

When you laugh all day long, until the next day dawn
With everyone on your side, so you wont fly away to the skies

People respecting you for whom you are, And will miss you if you're far

To hear, You're mine, please don't disappear
To not be able to sleep, filled with laughter, giggling all night long..

That for whom used to be me, It was meant to be.
Do you know the feeling

When you'r left all alone, Far away from Home..
With noone on your side, Not one person to guide...
To cry your self to sleep at night, when nothing feels right...

To have no friends near, So that noone will ever hear...
To try to be yourself,
I for whom, didnt know, Right now that only shows

by Linda ErikssonBique

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Wow, another beautifully sad poem. You have a great skill for capturing and expressing strong emotion in poetry. Great job!