Do You Know How Love Feels?

Do you know how love feels?
Or do you just think you do,
is love painfull,
or is love sweet,
Does love cost hearts,
Or is love free,
Does love hurt,
Or is love fun,
Do you love that special person,
or do you just think you do?
Would you be there for her/him,
when their down and need help,
Or do you just runaway and leave them,
Do you know how love feels,
Or do you just think you do?

Wrote while i was on holiday, and thought i'd write a few poems about love :) hehe

by StaceyLeigh Olner

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Comments (3)

Hmmm, , , The age old question, Do you really know love? Heres my answer 'Love is a feeling that you feel, when you feel a feeling, that you have never felt before.' Ya know what I mean? Thanks for the wonderfuly composed work. 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison
Nice poem Stace, U sound like u know what U'r doing.Keep writing.Laters. Peace, Alan
nice poem i think i like it :)