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Do You Know That
CJS (June 06,19** / Zamboanga)

Do You Know That

Poem By Cheneth Jane San Diego

Do you that I love to dance

More than anything

Being in front of many people

Makes me feel that I am important

For dancing is my life

And life without dancing will be miserable

Do you know that I love watching movies

Either in movie house or in our own house

I love English more than Tagalog

But that’s no question to be ask

For it need no answer

Maybe because it’s more realistic and fascinating

Romantic, sci-fi, action, martial arts, and a bit of drama

Opens my mind in the real world

That has been very hard for me to accept

I always hate scary movies and suspense

For it blows my soul away

Do you know that I love writing and reading poems

For it give me a relaxation that I’ve always wanted

The satisfaction that I’ve always been longing

The lessons that help me to be tough

To use my brain while listening to my heart

To have faith in what you believe in

Fight for what you think is right

And learn to accept failure as a lesson not a hindrance

For a lesson is something that everybody must remember

And not taken for granted

One mistake can leads to another

Do you know that there’s a dark side of me

So dark that you can’t see easily

It’s already been years

Since the last time I show it to the people

And everybody got scared

It’s the funny thing because even I got scared

I love hitting and hurting ones feeling

For it makes me feel good

Sometimes I think of killing someone

Someone that hurts me and my love one

Do you know that my pride is unmatchable

I find it hard to accept my failure in life

That blaming others makes it easier for me

There’s more hatred in me than love
Maybe because I never felt love

For love is like gratitude

That I must return to someone

Someone who appreciated my self

More than anything in that I have

Do you know that there’s an artist inside of me

An artist that lies in my body down to my soul

But nobody got to appreciate my work

Work that shows the real me

The me that even I don’t really know

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...an ammmmmazing composition indeed.........10+