Do You Know That...

Do you know that...

I came to you wholesomely with all me.
I love you in every breathing day with all my heart.
I adore every angle of your personality.
I respect you selflessly with all trust I have planted in you.

Yet, act so weird to me,
.....You sting me with disrespect,
....You dash me to the thorn with mockery chuckles,
....You pretend to be happy with me but it ain't true.


.... Don't you tell me you can't love me for who I am?
......not tell me am that ugly to be you world and every?
.....don't you shout it loud that you hate me than saying you love me just from the lips?
.....not make me feel better than drenching my body in the oceans of heartbreak moods?


*** i not tried showing how real I am to you,
*** i not been meek, soft, caring, and loving to you,
*** i not created gazillions of smile on your cheeks,
*** i not crossed your heart at least several times you and I knows,

Oh, is it because

___ I have no father to pet me and to train me,
___ I am not wearing Versace, givenchy and groove with celebrities,
___ I am not leaving in my own paid house and managing Obama's business,
___ I am too small to mingle with, to tell the truth and to ball around with.

You keep hurting me overly
You keep acting bossy while I humble myself to you,
You keep talking to me like am nothing to you,
You keep disrespecting me, our unity regardless of our fondness, why?

© Author Kelly Juuz
(A salient prolific author...)
05: 10PM

A forlorn soul in teardom wind....


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It's time to give up and move on Kelly...somewhere, somehow the one who deserves your love and affection will come to you...better than she is.. Thanks for sharing this lamentations with us through a beautiful poem...10+++++