Do You Know The Truth?

Know the Truth, it will set you free, Christ is that Truth, and It is He.
To know the Truth is personally, do you know The God of Eternity?
The real truth is more than fact; it is Our Lord, who is coming back.
Today are you free in The Truth, or will you see His strong reproof?

This Truth that you come to know, goes with you wherever you go.
Will you have Truth by your side, the very day after you have died?
And this Truth that sets men free, also helps the blind men to see.
Did you receive the sight to see, the only Truth that rules Eternity?

When you see The Eternal Truth, you will be Christ’s living proof,
That God truly sets men free, as a changed man is what men see.
They’re freed from a darkened past, given a freedom that will last.
Freedom offered to both you and me, in Christ through all Eternity.

Christ is the only Truth you need, in this life to be set free indeed.
Do you have this freedom friend, that in Christ Jesus will not end?
His freedom always brings peace, even as other freedoms cease.
Will all your earthly freedom end, when you see our Savior friend?

God’s plans never fail my friend, as Satan learned way back when.
Are you still under Satan’s guise, or has Christ opened your eyes?
God sent the Savior Jesus Christ, as the freedom men need in life,
Will you embrace The Truth and be, free in Christ for all of Eternity?

(Copyright ©03/2006)

by Bob Gotti

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Hey Bob, I was in Guadalajara last Tuesday, and a waiter came up to my table wearing a nametag that said his name was Jesus. I couldn’t believe his audacity in making fun of our Lord’s name like that! So I stood up and slugged him in the gut. He went sprawling across the floor. Some restaurant employees ran over and grabbed me and held me down until the police came. What a scene! I found out later that the waiter’s name was actually pronounced, “Hey-Seuss” and that a lot of people in Mexico have that name. I guess it’s a tribute to Dr. Seuss or something, and not an insult directed at Jesus Christ. But how was I supposed to know that weird pronunciation? One of the things I hate about Mexico is that everyone is always walking around speaking Spanish.