(August 02,1992 / Davao City)

Do You Know What's Beyond Death?

I want to die
Curiosity magnets me to lay
Tired of the predictable things about living
There are ups & downs,
After tears are smiles
And vice-versa

But death who knows about death?
Only those who are already dead, i presume
They say dying is crucial chance to take,
But we are always taking chances
In everything we do, we do.

Nobody alive knows what's beyond death
Maybe death is the sweetest thing about life
Maybe beyond death we'll get to think what LIFE really is
As a saying says
' only when it's gone, you'll realize it's importance '
But maybe not,
No living man knows
only DEAD does!

(May 22,2008)

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you want to know what death is? .read my poem 'what is death to me'.anyway nice write.