# Do You Lie

My, you look gorgeous.
Ha, that dress is hideous…

Why, you look so cool
Whom are you trying to fool?

She stood with a broad smile
Let her in, cursing all the while.

How are you, couldn’t be better,
Why ask, does it really matter.

What a pleasant surprise, welcome…
How do I give her a hint not to come?

Your debut in the film was really awesome.
My, how regressive and tiresome…

Our lives are a sham and a lie.
Can we give honesty a try…?

What is it, that makes us demean
Ourselves by saying things we don't mean

Is it all about p's and q's
It all began as social cues...

or is it a lie is not a lie,
if it makes someone happy thereby...

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (9)

a provoking concept..sometimes you lie for a good cause..see my poem ' I Lied ' it depends.. you lie but is true..
Maybe it was just half true and half lie....... now what would we call that!
our falsity is other's joy...so why not? let's seek our happiness in making others happy in these lives condemned to flasehood!
thruth is bitter always... even a poet has to bury it in a candy! 10++++++++++
Yes Madam I do agree, and follow the dictates of those last two lines - to remain 'bindas' and free! -Raj Nandy
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