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Trapped Bubbles!

Bubbles wildly rolling like trapped balls,
In a small space within me.
A place that controls me.
How can I release them?
Need I relate how it is?
Who will hear me?
Words are used differently.
Mostly they are used to define a picture.
Use words wisely and change a life!
Which words?
When you say words and do actions that reduce me.
That make me little.
Smaller than a dot.
Yet you smile and say, 'are you okay mate? '
You preach fairness and equality.
If I talk will you listen?
Will you hear me cry within my soul?
I am a person!
Just like you!


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vallerie you were kind enough to post a opinion on'candles of my life', way back, early october, i have just sat in the library here in Scotland with tears on my cheeks, what a beutiful poem and so true to life.YOU are indeed 6 zeros but with a 1 at the beginning, yes one in a million.I will definetley be visiting your page to read the rest of your stuff, what a gift, Please keep it up.
I don't see you as a zero I see you as a plus, Love duncan X
I loved it. I to have recently started posting poems to this site and find that I do the same thing. I agree that it is nice to know that someone has read a poem and somehow connects. Bravo...I will be on the look for more!