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Do You Live In A Community

Do you live in a community where you feel you do not belong
Where your bond to those who live in close proximity to say the least not strong
You do not attend community meetings and you not many wish to know
And you only get a blank stare when to some you say hello?
You feel most of this is your own fault you choose things to be this way
And for not being part of the community there is some price to pay
That if you feel like a stranger that's the way you choose it to be
Shyness to you can be a disadvantage that's how it does seem to me
Do you live in a community where you are an almost unknown
Where an aura of anonymity around you has only grown
In the previous town you lived in you too felt a stranger there
And you will feel like an outsider when you move on to live elsewhere
Since you came to live in this town one friend you did not gain
And since you feel like an outsider as an outsider you'll remain.

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