Do You Need A More Specific Definition

You may not like my 'tone' of voice.
And how I use it,
To express 'my' feelings.
And your wish to move forward,
With a dismissing of my complaints...
From a prior situation,
That had manifested under someone else's watch.
Sounds good,
To only you!

When you stepped into this kitchen,
With an acceptance of your position.
The kitchen had been heated...
With the oven left on.
You may have been hired to decrease the heat.
But guess what?
I'm one of the pots left hot on that stove.
And whether you like it or not...
You 'will' address my concerns.

And this voice that you hear,
Tone and all...
Is mine.
And however you correct what I've addressed,
Is fine.
As long as it is understood,
You've been hired to meet my taste to satisfy.
And not the other way around.

Do we have clarity?
Or do you need a more specific definition,
Of your position?
With a more detailed job description?
Just let me know,
How we can achieve an agreement.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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