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Do You Or Do You Not

Don't piss on the streets with your loudness
Do you bite your tongue and give your speech a rest?
Or do you stay and let your voice defend you from arrest

When life burdens you
Do you shake it with your hand?
Or fight it like a man

When money sits on your lap
Do you fiddle to make a nickel?
Or do you wait until it turns your mind fickle?

When a frown stains your face
Do you run to the highest mountain and say I'll never let anyone put me down?
Or do you wear it and let sorrow drag you to the ground?

When coma pours sleep in your mind
Do you wipe the crust out your eyes until there's no sleep left?
Or do you move with its wind and follow it to its sleeping death?

When do you give up the drink?
Do you laugh at its temptations and pour it down the sink?
Or do you act like a puppet, and let it control the way you think?

by Rachel Aurelien

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