Do You Realize Just How Talented You Are?

Those who are talented,
Probably spend less time...
Giving it recognition,
To dote on their devotion...
Of being creative.
In dismissing the notion,
That it is talent they have...
Instead of a love for what they do,
That attracts the attention...
Of those unbelieving,
The ones who are talented...
Are unaware of the discipline and stress,
That goes into the work they do...
To produce their best.

'Do you realize just how talented you are? '

~I tried.
But each time I stopped,
To acknowledge that...
Nothing I did would get done.
And it would ignore me,
As if I did not exist.
Choosing then to concentrate,
On other interests.

I have realized this,
It is best that I do not pay attention to it.
Since I've noticed this allows me,
To do what I do to accomplish something.
I have no interest in critiquing,
As much as others seem to find the time to do.~

So you are not aware of it? '

~I love what I do.
Trying to find ways to define it,
Is too self absorbing and a waste of time.
If you are here to deliver assessments,
Try not to be too insensitive.
This I have observed,
Creates a lot of friction.
And a stubborn defensiveness,
You will not believe.
THAT I know I can show you,
For some reason that skill I am very familiar with.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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