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Do You Really Stand For Something

Do you stand for peace and justice do you stand for human rights
Or are you just one more dim ray in the World of lesser lights
When your pub mates are trash talking do you not say you are wrong?
It is easy to say nothing when it takes courage to be strong.

Do you really stand for something such as a fair go for all
Ignorance is bliss they tell us some in their small ways are small
And are you one of those people who show little sympathy
For the plight of the downtrodden and the Stateless refugee?

Do you really stand for something such as human equality
And for people who are suffering do you feel some empathy
Or do you say that is their problem they don't worry about me
'Tis our sense of values tell who we are with that would you not agree?

Do you really stand for something do you treat all people fair
Do you believe that the pauper with the monarch do compare
Or do you admire the person who is born to wear the crown?
Some of those who look up to others on so called lesser souls look down.

Do you really stand for something your values tell much about you
And to life's higher principle do you strive to be true
Or are you one of those who to monetary values only relate
And judge people by their bank account or the value of their estate?

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