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Do You Really Want Summer To Come?

I always hear people say, ' Oh i hate winter, when is summer going to come? '

But think about it,
On a burning summer day when you get too hot to breath, are you going to say, 'Oh i hate summer, when is winter going to come? '
Aren't you going to miss skating on the frozen lake,
Having snowball fights with your friends,
Going tobogganing on that big snowbank,
Enjoying cup after cup of hot chocolate,
Warming up by the fire,
Taking your skiing and snowboarding lessons,
Won't you miss it all?

Now think about it, and think hard.
Do you really want summer to come?

by Natalie Sapphire

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! ! ! ! ! ! ! I've had enough of the white stuff and the cold that keeps it with us. I've had enough of the layers and could really go for some shorts and a T-Shirt. :) The end is finally near..........Summer here I come! ! ! ! !