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Do You Remember....?

this poem is still 'under construction', I just don't know how to express my feelings in a way that makes sense and sounds nice. If anyone's got any idea how to improve this poem, please write me. I'd be grateful for help.

Sometimes when I think of you
the memories make me smile
and I want to share them with you
so you remember me as time goes by.

Do you remember sitting on my lap
while watching TV?
Do you remember when you hid
and I forgot to seek?

Do you remember telling me
the secrets you couldn't keep?
Then Daddy got angry
and you hid behind my feet.

Do you remember eating ice cream
down by the inn?
I'd laugh and joke,
you'd smile and grin. (I took these 2 last lines from a beautiful poem,
but I can't recall the title)

Running home you stumbled,
fell and scraped your knee.
Do you remember that the first person
you ran to was me?

Do you remember
when it got dark at night,
we laid on our backs
and watched the stars outside.

When it was time for me to go
you asked why I couldn't stay here
I told you then I had to go
but I'd always hold you dear.

I don't feel good in this house
so I'm yearning to walk out the door
But when it comes to you
I'm always craving for more.

You started beggin'
for another day
I couldn't stay there
but I mean what I say.

I may be burnt out,
wasted, empty and hollow
But when you call
I'll follow.

Do you remember we'd laugh
until we'd start to cry
I hope that's a good reason
to remember me by....

Dedicated to my niece <3

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good poem well done 10
Poem seems pretty complete