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Do You Remember

Do you remember that girl
Walking stooped and bent in a curl
Trying not to show that she
Was much taller than he
Wanting to fit in
Even if it meant she had to bend.

Smarter than some she was
Never answering, 'Just because.'
Knowing more that all the rest
Which for some made her a pest
But still always there
When it was time to share.

Couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time
Even if it was hopscotch or some other game
Often last to be chosen
Although there was less than a dozen
Kids who wanted to play
Regardless of the time of day.

At ballet or swimming she was a flop
But try them all, non-stop
She was looking for her special place
Where none would hold her in disgrace
And where she would achieve what she wanted most
Not always coming in hindermost.

Then one day she arrived
To be the apple of my eye
And on a pedestal she stands
None other deserve the accolades she commands
For she has become
Wife and mother to my children, bar none!


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Comments (2)

What a poem? tall, thats the mother of my kids too.you remind me of her.she is the apple of my eye...superb poem friend.
What a delightful and loving tribute to a beautiful lady. You have painted a work of art with such vivid colors on lifes canvas..... The loving spirit shining through even in the very early years and blooms I percieve as an orchid or more in maturity as your wife and the mother..... Prescious work of art. ......... I give it an 11 off the charts...................... Jim Troy