Do You Remember

Do you remember the summer...
Our summer...?
The afternoon walks and talks,
how you would open up to me and share your thoughts about everything?
Do you remember what we did on my birthday?
Arms around me in the park while we laughed
and I told you about one of my secrets..
Do you remember how we almost kissed?
Probably not,
'cause I'm sure your lips only remembered that other girl..
Do you remember the first dance?
It makes me smile just thinking about it,
did it happen to you too?
We walked holding hands in the dark
and then you took a picture of us gleaming..
whatever happened to that picture?
Do you also remember that day that we got away
and walked to a place where no living soul was in sight?
It was awkward, I remember,
because I wouldn't talk and you didn't know how to make me talk.
but the present,
the one that I stayed up all night to do,
do you still have that?
I hope you do because I put a lot of thought and energy into that gift..
And then,
do you remember the last day?
Holding on to that girl at the party,
as you smiled and waved at me?
What was I to you? A joke?
You grabbed me as I was with my friends and asked for a dance,
were you serious?
Do you know how hurt I was?
And the note...
do you remember that too?
I hope you do,
'Cause every single words and feelings I expressed on that note was honest and real.
Something that I wish you still were...

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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