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Do You Remember Me!
LG (6/12 / Southern Califonia)

Do You Remember Me!

Do you remember me?
When you held me shackled in captivity
Stolen from the Motherland
Stripping me of my pride of just being a man.
I watched as my soul sought to hide...in order to protect myself,
Holding in...Holding on to my last breath, I knew I would need it when I
Broke free, running from Masta' that use to be.
This is a small taste of my ancestors ongoing reality
Still embedded in our heart of a time that haunts
3/5th's of a man...that is what the Constitution said, God I'll be damned.

Watermelon Derby
Is this what my Grands were subjected to watch on...TV.

Do you Remember Me!
Being as Black as I wanted to be in the Land of Milk and Honey
Stripped of my dignity of being the Man of this land truely free as God
Intended for me...He remembered and protected me, giving consul,
To live out HIS TORY!

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Comments (7)

gud buddy...nice..with..i can sense the emotion...-gr8
deep meaning, great lines
An excellent composition my friend! Please read 'Sultry Summer's Evening.'
Very deep topic, I can relate. I really do enjoy your writing, keep up the good work!
Some really great lines in here, very enjoyable poem. I was pleased to read it.10/10
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