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Do You Remember When...?
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Do You Remember When...?

They sat hidden in the shadows
and talked amongst themselves.
I doubt they would've noticed
if their servers had been elves.

He was entangled in her beauty
and the things that she would say.
There were moments interrupted
but he never looked away.

The waiter took their orders
and he served them both their meals.
I couldn't help but envy them...
''I remember how that feels...''

To feel the world is spinning
just for the both of you.
Everything's exciting
and there's nothing you won't do.

If only we could bottle
all the passion of those years
to use when it is needed most
to help wash off the tears.

Sometimes it seems impossible
to feel as we did then.
Perhaps we can go back there.
Do you ''Remember when...''?

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this poem wasn't really helpful. It didn't follow the same structure as the one in class.
Mary, and while you're at it, maybe you could bottle your poems as well... good stuff! ! Brian
Wow, I really liked this poem! It reminded me of a romance novel...but in a very good way. Being only 14 I haven't expierenced true love yet, but this poem gave me a great idea on how wonderful it can be. Great poem. Crystal
The first flower of passion always has the loveliest fragrance.
good read love is so nice Chip
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