Do You Remember When...?

They sat hidden in the shadows
and talked amongst themselves.
I doubt they would've noticed
if their servers had been elves.

by Mary Nagy Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

this poem wasn't really helpful. It didn't follow the same structure as the one in class.
Mary, and while you're at it, maybe you could bottle your poems as well... good stuff! ! Brian
Wow, I really liked this poem! It reminded me of a romance novel...but in a very good way. Being only 14 I haven't expierenced true love yet, but this poem gave me a great idea on how wonderful it can be. Great poem. Crystal
The first flower of passion always has the loveliest fragrance.
good read love is so nice Chip
It's been bottled... but the label's changed. You have to remember it's now labelled 'Essence of...'... and poets remind's now on a different shelf, too, but not out of reach... Mary, I love your poems.
If only for love, all would be worth it. This Is another poem from the heart.Excellent! Love Dunacn
Oh Mary, this one is great, I love it I really do, a real great write, and a great read too. Another of your super poems. Thanks for posting it. Love Ernestine XXX
Being newly 'in' love is so has been for me anyhow...who'da thought? I think as we get older that 'must' and 'should' issues should include the responsibility to ourselves and to our lovers to not lose touch with that 'heat' -. This is a lovely poem, Mary. Thanks for reminding us.
This is another one of your poems written from observing the world. Sensitive and well written. All of us could benefit from 'Remembering When'. Rusty