MP (3/5/1962 / Dubuque, IA)

Do You Remember When?

Little girls and boys

Playing with imaginary toys

Waking up all warm and safe

With their innocence stored in faith

When moms and dads, they held us tight

They taught us love and not to fight

Where your world is a sand box, warm and gritty

And your first true love was a calico kitty

Untouched and pure

Kind and true

Where families held together and parents did too

Can you remember when, way back when?

When hearts weren’t shattered into pieces for sport

When lives again and again weren’t torn all apart

Where nothing could put them back together again

Not all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men

Do you…. remember when?

by mestup poems

Comments (2)

I enjoy the way you take something that everyone can relate to....and add your own personal experiences..again though where we can all 'remember when'
I remember much of it, yet a lot of it I'm afraid only lives on in our imagination and longing for simpler times that might never have been...good work...Coach