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Do You Retain Your Goodmemories

Do you retain your good memories of your long gone years
And for the what used to be have you shed your last tears
Though time on your existence keeps ticking away
Good memories live on as the wise one does say

Do you ever think of your young school friends today
And of the childhood games with them that you used to play
Like them you grew up your dreams you did pursue
That we all have our life's journeys happen to be true

Perhaps many like me followed their dreams to elsewhere
To seek new adventure in the big World out there
Not everyone in the hometown choose to stay
And not everyone think and act in the same way

The boys and girls i went to school with in the town far away
Where the deceased are some of them does lay
Some of them travelled far and some of them at home did stay
And all of them like me surely showing time's decay.

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