' Do You Think, We Are Not Heard? ... '

Do You Think, We Are Not Heard
When We Speak Our Wishful Words
In Pledge, Or Praise, Or Plea
Do You Think, There Is No ‘ HE ’?

Do You Think, When We Pray
No One Hears, What We Say?
That We’re Speaking to Ourselves
All Alone, and No One Else? …

Now, Whether To Discuss or Disagree
Just This Once, Listen Free
… Forget About The E. T.
… Call Home, Thru ‘ J C ’

It’s a Heavenly Area Code
Belief, Is A Direct-Connect Mode
Always, A Dial-Tone
If You Just Pick Up The Phone

Or Send by File-Faith-Faxes
It Gets Thru, Even Error-Report-Batches
There’s No Off-Line or Busy Signals
Nor Port-Sharing, Just One On One, Individual

Now, If Humankind Can Go Wireless
And Talk At Length, Long Distance
Most of Us, Still Don’t Know How
But Hey … ‘Can You Hear Me Now? ’ …

When We See Someone, Smiling On Their Cell
We Believe, They’re Talking To A Pal
So, Do You Think, When We Pray
No One Hears, What We Say? …

… If Mankind Can Use His Technology
Maybe One Day, God Will Let Us Use Telepathy
We’re Getting Closer To Truth, That Sets Free
(He, Even Texted Me This Epiphany)

… ‘What Cha’ Doing? ’ … ‘Where You At? ’
‘I Need This, Father’ … ‘I Just Want That’ …
Ask Any Believer, and They’ll Tell You
God, Always Sends His Answer-Proofs

And ‘The’ Operator, Will Put You Through
If and When, You Ask Him To …
Speak, From The Heart, Each and Every Time …
… ‘Cause Love, Is On The Line …

So, Do You Still Think, We Are Not Heard
When We Speak, Our Worship-Words?
If So, Who You Gonna Call, To Object …
When You Get Life’s Final-Disconnect? …

by MoonBee Canady

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