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Do you wanna trip the light fantastic?

Do you wanna trip the light fantastic?
Or dance 'til the early morn?
How 'bout cruisin' the streets of Manhatten?
For it is here that a Design Goddess 'tis born;

Raising her star in New York City-
Carla 'tis Texas born and bred-
She is my very own Soul Daughter...!
With her creativity-to Park Avenue she is led;

Her most divine design 'tis splendiferous-
Her set design-a movie directors dream-
A Fashionista and Interior Maven-
I call her Manhattens reigning Queen;

Her name is Carla Cravens-
She has her hands in most every theme-
Why she is even into creating a movie short-
It is a true story about suicides horrific scene;

You can find her at: Carla
And for me she will always be the queen of Interior Design-
From set design to magazine cover shoots she excels-
She is a most gifted talent and a gem of a find;

And so in a New York second may i suggest?
That you give this young Goddess a go?
She aims to please in varying decorating degrees-
With much verve and elan-her work just steals the show!

May 10,2010

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