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Do You Want Me

How am i you asked
the pm wanted to know
i'll tell you
i'm really kinda low

i got up this morn
running kinda late
had to hurry
things couldnt wait

i'm so tired
getting too old
i feel so sick
im freezing cold

my bones are getting brittle
my hairs turning grey
putting on weight
what more can i say

iv pains all over
every joint i have aches
my skin is saggy
my teeth fake

cant go to far
might have to use a bathoom
i cant cook or clean
mop or use a broom

my mind is going
cant remember things
like who you are
'whats that thing with wings'

see you wouldnt want me
im way too old
kids took over
so my house was sold

im old and broke
havent any money
but if you still insist
i'll be your honey

where did you go?
dont you want me now
now that you know?

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I have only one thing to say . . . Wo0O0oOoW ^ _ ^ I loved that