Do You Want More?

Do you want more?
I've got it to give.
I was that kid...
Compared to those of 'influence'
Taunted by those,
Who laughed at me and what I did.
Do you want more?
Or should I ignore your sadness,
With a regret?
Forgive and forget!
Since I have long earned my happiness.
Perhaps I should.
Since you have inflicted,
Your own wounds much better...
Than those I could inject!
And with such imaginative bitterness,
I would have never suspect.
Do you want more?
Perhaps my satisfaction,
Seeing you in disarray this way...
Is enough.
And I have much to be thankful for!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Sometimes we do see people getting what they deserve perhaps........ making us realize the uncountable blessings we hardly count....