Do You Want That Sandwich?

Not too long ago,
Suggestions were made...
To keep the motivation sustained.
And that progess being made then,
Would have chances to remain.
But a lack of discipline entered in.
With those defending their laziness.
And becoming offended by those against it.

What do you recommend,
We should now do?

'I recommended 'we' should pass the mustard.
'We' should slice the tomatoes.
Added some mayo with lettuce with a dash of salt.
Toast the whole wheat.
Open a bag of chips.
And drink a beer!
Leaving 'we' to enjoy.
And 'they' out of it.'

That's not being responsible.

'I responded to your questions,
Years ago.
Today I am blessed to eat in peace.
And that is what 'we' today are going to do.
Unless you chose that crusade?
With you knowing...
I am waving you on from the sidelines.

I've discovered that 'we' business,
Only works when folks are up against a fence.
And not a fence did I help them make.

Do you want that sandwich? '

What about the crisis?

'Don't worry about it.
I've prepared for that.
That's why I bought two six packs.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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