Do You Want This?

'Do you want this?
Come and get it.'

I slept with dreams.
And awakened as if they existed.
I awakened as if...
In my hands I held them.
To realize and never to let them drift.

'You want this?
What makes you think,
It will be made easy...
For you to touch and get.'

And I began to taste my dreams,
To me fed on a daily basis.
Years of impatience I knew too well.
Rushing to succeed...
Had me stumbling to fall.
I hated being teased.

'Do you or do you 'not' want this?
How else do you expect to get it? '

I could not shut that voice within up.
It seemed to taunt and I was beginning to have enough.
And then...
A process began within me slow.
Although my dreams and wishes would not let me go.
They were there holding onto me too tightly.

Slowly I began to seek teachings needed.
Gritting my teeth to qualify my desires.
And then one day I did awaken validated.
Feeling with a patience quite surprised.
And accepting what I had not realized.

'You want this? '

Yes, I do.
I feel I am ready.
And I've got patience too.

'Good for you.
Just with a few more steps taken,
All that you wish...
Will eventually come true for you to exist.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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nice poem....Do you really want this nice question too, very well crafted....very beautiful you can also check my poems and comment on it.....thanks for sharing
Amazing, your words just float of the tongue, like a steady melody, it's really quite wonderful.